With regret this website is now closed, may I thank all those who made it possible over the last few years and say a big hello to all the friends I've made around the world. Not wanting to leave  regular visitors without something to read here is a list of websites on all things English Longbow and the various forms of Traditional archery from around the world. Happy shooting!
Robin Hood
Primitive Archer
The EWBS is a sporting society based on the use of the the English Military Longbow of the late middle ages and the Tudor period.
ETAS organises traditional archery events around Europe.
The BLBS is the governing body for the Victorian Recreational Longbow in the UK and organises a huge amount of events.
An association dedicated to Far Eastern horseback archery, very difficult to master and impressive to watch!
The Koreans take archery very seriously and have a strong traditional archery following.
Excellent website on Turkish traditional archery and it's impressive history.
Want to try archery in all its weird and wonderfull forms but don't want to start at a club? Then Robin hood Events is the place to go.
Website of the USA based magazine dedicated to Primitve Archery, excellent forum.